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Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Nights at the International Flower Show

Family Nights at the Philadelphia International Flower Show
Friday March 11th - Saturday March 12th
Family Lounge Open till 8pm
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA

So this is what we saw upon entering the Pennsylvania Convention Center for the Philadelphia International Flower Show earlier this week. What a sight! While it didn't completely measure up to the real Eiffel Tower, it certainly did make you feel AS IF you were almost there in Paris experiencing the tower for the first time. Folks were standing at the entrance ooohing and aaahhing at the tower as it lit up and played exciting french themed music. I danced with my daughter and was transported back to my incredible time in Paris where I first saw the tower and fell in love with not just Paris but the amazing Eiffel Tower and the shared experience of viewing it with others.

We had a good trip to the show. The entire experience (teething baby, sleepy toddler and forgotten Baby Bjorn aside) was quite wonderful and while the flower show always manages to transport me somewhere else that is is warm and full of sweet floral scents and vibrant winter-blah chasing visuals, this year in particular the show was pretty magical with a peek into Parisian life everywhere you looked.

I think *my* favorite display was the reflecting pool with the statue at the end and the blue illuminated panels. I don't know why but it was absolutely mesmerizing. The carousel stage was beautiful and the music was energetic, french and fun. Little peeks into cheese shops, cafes, pateseries everywhere you looked - along with beautiful floral displays just was pure heaven.

The Philadelphia International Flower Show with its magical French themed displays is in town this week and now more than ever the whole family can enjoy all that it has to offer. This year families can relax in the special Family Lounge where kids can create crafts, watch movies, play with toys and puppets and more. On Friday and Saturday March 11th -12th the lounge will be open until 8pm with special performances by French entertainer Ruthanne Annekey and her marvelous marionettes and music.

Tickets $15-$30. Be sure to print out the Family Fun Pack on the Flower Show website before you go for special savings!

Disclaimer: The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society generously provided us with two tickets to the show however we would have bought them ourselves to not miss it anyway! All opinions expressed are my own.

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