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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sesame Place Halloween Spooktacular

We were lucky enough recently to get an opportunity to check out The Count's Halloween Spooktacular at Sesame Place on Zoe's Birthday last Friday! It was such a blast!! My 16 mo old is an Elmo lover (or "Elwo" as she so lovingly calls him!). I was worried if we waited too long to visit Sesame Place with her, she'd grow out of her Elmo phase too quickly and it would lose some of the magic for her. So we had been planning a trip for late fall anyway so it was perfect timing for a visit! We were so lucky to get to go enjoy a special advanced preview of The Count's Halloween Spooktacular, Sesame Place's awesome Halloween festivities running every weekend through Halloween, and we had such a great time. Upon arrival at Sesame Place you notice something is different by the tractor and hay bales up in the front before you enter the park. Unfortunately we never got a chance to come back and ride the hayride but it sounds like it was a lot of fun! Once inside the park it was immediately obvious from entering that you were in store for some Halloween fun with beautiful decorations and pumpkins and other fall fun everywhere.

My kids beelined for the "bouncey place" or Big BIrd's Court where they get to kick off their shoes and run around and bounce and play. We were here for a while - the girls loved it! Then we headed out to explore the other attractions and also to get our treat bags. Because part of Spooktacular is that the kids get to go trick or treating and visit special treat stations throughout the park where pint sized goodies are being handed out. What I really loved was that while there were some candy treat stations it was not candy overload and some treat stations had pretzel bags, juice, or even mini-bananas (which were a huge hit).

Throughout the rest of our visit there my older daughter got probably the best face paint she's ever had (and she's quite the facepaint connoisseur), the girls got to meet and have photos taken with Elmo and Big Bird, the 16 month old and I stealed away for an amazing time at the special Elmo's World Live show which was (of course) all about Halloween! Plus we got to enjoy the rest of the park and the totally wonderful Halloween parade that runs daily at 4pm on weekends! And there was so much we didn't even have time to see so I can't wait to go back again soon!

While a family trip to Sesame Place is not exactly "free or almost free' as the typical events we like to share here for you all, you can get some great deals including discounts on season passes and even special coupons (I had been saving up our coupons that I picked up from Wawa to get $5-$20 off our tickets when we went). Single day admission for ages 24 months and over is $55.99. But if you go, make sure you get the Elmo two day pass which is the same price but you get to come back for a 2nd day free! And don't forget your coupons to get up to $20 off per single day ticket!

Thanks Sesame Place!! We love you, Elwo!!!

[Disclaimer: phillyfun4kids was provided with three complimentary passes to Sesame Place's Spooktacular preview. All opinions expressed, and especially about how much Elmo rocks, are our own.]


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