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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baker's Passport Review and Giveaway

Have you guys heard of this fun new Philly based company called Baker's Passport yet? They recently launched and have created these fun and adorable "baking passports" which combine baking and learning languages into easily downloadable pdf files that include a delicious recipe, step by step baking directions, and puzzles and games that introduce children to reading, writing, and speaking a new language.
There are two kinds of Baking Passports - Little Bites which are beginner recipes geared for children with more limited kitchen experience and with more basic language learning. Big Bites recipes are more challenging and complex for children with more kitchen experience and ready for more advanced language learning. (Note Big Bites recipes are not yet available but will be coming soon.)

Baking passports make baking and learning fun by teaching children how to:
  • Read and follow a recipe 
  • Use basic math and measurements to complete a recipe 
  • Become confident using kitchen tools and appliances 
  • Read, write, and speak introductory phrases, words, and numbers in a new language 
Baking Passports was created by Founder and CEO, Meg who wanted to share her love of baking and joy of being in the kitchen with kids and families combined with her passion for the importance of exposure to other languages and cultures around the world. I share Meg's passion for this immensely so I'm delighted to learn of a new way to bring new languages and cultures to my two global citizens. My kids already love baking with me (though I wish we did it more often!) and now we'll get to enjoy this new side of it by incorporating a different country's language.

Baking passports are the perfect quality time activity for parents to enjoy with their children. And what's even better is that Baker's Passport also helps children give back to those in need which I love. For each purchase made, $1 is donated to Action Against Hunger - a non-profit that is working to end world hunger!

To test out Baking Passports my 3 year old and I made these yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from the Spanish Baker's Passport today during the snow day. We had so much fun baking these and learning some Spanish along the way!

My 3 year old measured out the various ingredients and had a blast practicing her "Spanish" which I'm not gonna lie often sounded like jibberish or maybe Greek. But then she picked up on one of the words we were learning like "la cuchara" (spoon) and she was so proud of herself for learning a new word.

When we were done baking the cookies she said she was going to eat one and then start speaking Spanish, too! I think she thought the cookies might make her more bilingual!

What I really loved about the recipe included in this was that it didn't require a hand beater at all and instructions just included mix by hand 15 times or mix my hand 20 times. Kids of course love this and really got into the mixing part too. The recipe was easy and used ingredients we already had and best of all the cookies were delicious! Not quite oatmeal and yet not quite chocolate chip either. Really tasty! The whole family gave them our two thumbs up!

Giveaway - Your Turn to Try Out Baker's Passports
Now you all get to try them as well as I'm giving away three Baker's Passports - one of each language (Spanish, Japanese, and French) to three different readers to try out! And today Bakers Passports are all 30% off for the snow day! Regularly they are $10 each so that's a great discount. And just for being a fabulous phillyfun4kids reader, you can also use this great discount code for 15% off through the end of the month of January just by using discount code FUN14 if you miss the Snow Day discount today.

To enter the Baker's Passport giveaway simply fill out this easy rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends on Tuesday January 28 at 11:59pm EST . Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary copy of the Spanish Little Bite passport to try out as well as three passports to giveaway to all of you and a 15% off discount to share as well. Pretty cool, huh? As always, all opinions expressed about spending time in the kitchen with your kids being so priceless or the importance of teaching kids about new cultures through language learning that is actually fun are our own! 


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